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Heather has opened up a limited amount of 30 Minute Zoom Coaching sessions for you to get the extra help and support you might need. Use this session to gain clarity, explore your deeper questions, and receive divine guidance to support you on your spiritual path. Available to be scheduled through September 15th.
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Signs & Symbols from Spirit

There is love and support from the universe available to us in every moment.

Are you paying attention?

Do you see the signs?

Does it feel like something or someone is trying to get your attention but you just aren’t quite sure what the message is or who it’s coming from?

Are you ready to clear up all of the confusion and embrace the wisdom of the universe? Are you eager to connect with the love and insights that your spiritual team and deceased loved ones have to offer?

Are you open and ready to receive?

I thought you would be … and that is why I created Signs & Symbols from Spirit!

In 33 comprehensive on-demand video lessons you'll get expert training and knowledge from Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand.

You'll find guidance and coaching on:

  • What Signs and Symbols are 

  • Who is sending the Signs  

  • Why they use Signs 

  • When you will see the Signs 

  • Where you will see the Signs 

  • 25 of the most common signs that Spirit Uses 

  • How to trust the Signs 

  • How to focus on the Love 

  • How to open yourself up to Receive 

  • How to stay Connected 

  • and more...