$33.00 USD

Messages from Spirit : An Online Group Reading

Join me for an evening of love, laughter and tears. 

Tuesday, July 23
8:00 pm ET | 7:00 pm CT | 5:00 pm PT


Join in from the comfort of your home!

One ticket per person attending.

Each event will be recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording……so relax…..no need to take notes…..just open your heart and be present to experience the power of love. Join us in witnessing the truth that love never dies.

After a brief explanation of how Heather makes connections and a short prayer to create sacred space, Heather will begin making connections with members of the online audience and connect them with loved ones in spirit.

These amazing events are filled with validation, love, laughter, and tears and sell out quickly, so grab your seats today!

Event Details:

A Zoom link will be provided with ticket registration confirmation sent to the email address you used to sign up with. If you do not see the email please check your junk or spam folders.

Reminder emails are sent out 24 hours in advance and one hour before the event start time.

Ticket purchase does not guarantee a personal reading, but does offer each participant the opportunity to experience powerful messages of love, hope, healing, and guidance as they witness other’s readings. Heather does try to get to as many people as possible during each event. And…..if you are a member of the Messages from Spirit Membership you will be entered into the monthly drawing for an opportunity to win a free 30-Minute one-on-one session with Heather.

How to Prepare and Get the Most of Your Messages from Spirit Event

  • Create a sacred space for yourself. Go into a room or space where you can be alone, centered, and focused during our time together. This time is a gift to yourself and we want you to get the most of it.
  • Try to keep your camera on. This is not mandatory, but it does help Heather to feel and sense who the connections may be intended for.
  • Set your intentions in advance of what you are hoping to gain or who you are hoping to connect with. Your intentions are like a formal invitation to heaven and very powerful.
  • Pray. Prayer is a wonderful vessel of surrendering. Surrender yourself to the process and trust that exactly what you need is what will be delivered.
  • Open your heart to receive.
  • Keep yourself muted during the event. If you feel a message may be for you, use the raise your hand feature in Zoom, notify us in the chat room, and/ or raise your hand physically to get our attention. Heather’s team does their best to follow the chat room and all attendees.

About your Host Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand
Heather Hildebrand is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, Mentor and Teacher. Over the last twenty years, she has helped thousands of clients and students across the globe connect with loved ones in spirit and learn to embrace their own spiritual gifts and claim their power. Whether she is connecting a client with a deceased loved one, channeling messages from angels and spiritual guides, or providing practical guidance for connecting with one’s highest self, she does so with compassion, clarity, and accuracy.

Heather’s goal is always to be of love and service and support her clients as they move through personal loss or change. She creates a safe and sacred space for her clients and students to learn, grow, and share as they make improvements in their spiritual and earthly lives. Her teachings are practical and down to earth and her heart is as big as Texas, where she resides with her family and fur babies.

What People Are Saying:

I met Heather early in 2017 after my brother passed. At our first meeting, she blew my mind with the very specific information that came thru. I knew immediately that Heather had an amazing gift and she is very intune with spirit. I would even say that day was life changing for me. Since then, I've been to Heather's live group sessions a few times, plus small private groups and additional private readings....each event and venue I have received the messages that I needed at that time. Sometimes, it did not even know that I needed that particular message. I've referred many friends and family members to see Heather, and all have thanked me for the referral as she was able to connect to their loved ones as well. I've always been a believer in the spirit world, but since connecting to Heather, my eyes, ears, and intuitions have been opened wider. I truly feel that my deceased loved ones guided me to finding Heather after my brother's passing.

In 2011, after my brother had passed, my Catholic mother decided to seek comfort from the words of a psychic medium that was was referred to her from a friend. Sounds sketchy, right? Unsure of how I felt about the whole “spiritual” aspect of this endeavor, I supported my mom on this journey for her heart’s sake. She had seen Heather (the medium) this day and had come home with so much more light about her. As we sat in her garage she shared about her visit with a smile on her face. Timmy had come to communicate with her and she was truly full of joy knowing that March 27th 2011 was not his final day and that she had access to talk to her son again. I listened, but I did not truly believe - HOWEVER my mother was no longer holding the weight of sorrow on her chest and for that small win, I was grateful. She was shining more and more as the visits with Heather continued - always inviting me to go and always being turned down because I just wasn’t ready. That’s a white lie I had to tell my mother because I didn’t want to hurt my mom. Truth be told I was raised Catholic and doing this made me feel like I was cheating on my faith. Time and time again she’s come home and share with me and each time my curiosity grew. The stories she would paint always had me on the edge of believing because “how could she know” consumed both mom and I. After visit number four or five, I caved and went with mom. I am whole heartedly a believer of Heather after that visit. My story is much longer than this post so if you’d like to know what it really was that turned the tides, message me and I’d love to tell you (if I have the time between little one’s naps) This woman brought light back into our lives when it was the darkest of times with her unbelievable gifts. Heather, I will tell you this time and time again… thank you. If it were not for you I just don’t know how long it would have taken for my mother to return to herself. You are a true angel. If you know someone seeking comfort in closure - I recommend spending an hour with Heather. She will change your life.