Are you curious about your connection with the afterlife?

Do you want a safe and sacred space to learn about mediumship?

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Mediumship Made Easy

Learn at your Own Pace FREE First Module
with Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand 


Meet Heather Hildebrand


Deep in the heart of Texas lives a boisterous blonde who just so happens to talk to spirit.

Deceased loved ones that is.
Angels and spirit guides too.

Over the last seventeen years Heather has helped thousands of clients across the globe make meaningful and powerful connections with their loved ones on the other side and has empowered students and clients to connect to the true divine spark of their own spirit, step into their natural gifts, and make safe and powerful connections of their own.

Heather's work is heart centered, as her goal is always to be of love and service to her clients and students. She creates a safe and sacred space for them to heal, learn, grow and share as they make improvements in their spiritual and earthly lives. Her teachings are practical and down to earth and her heart is as big as Texas, where she resides with her family and fur babies.

What is it like to work with Heather? Here is what some of her students and clients have shared...

Loved the bite-sized video online sessions, this was easy to digest and so good the way Heather explained it all in easy-to-understand plain language. The exercises on the collaboration calls were really good and made me feel more part of the course. Heather’s style is really down-to-earth and very encouraging and with her sharing her experiences I felt more confident. She did make it Mediumship made easy! I am amazed I am doing it and getting results! It’s really uplifting and am happy to be of help to others, hopefully giving them peace and some comfort by passing on messages from loved ones. What a humbling experience being able to make connections.

I definitely feel more empowered and encouraged and confident to make connections and have been practicing with people in the group. Also, because Heather has explained so many different scenarios and had the opportunity to not only ask questions but get them answered has made a huge difference to me especially being in the UK. Wasn’t sure if would feel part of the group as most in the US but I have!

 Words cannot express how much I loved this class. I had been looking for mediumship training in a safe environment with like-minded individuals, and that is exactly what I found here. Heather was vitally instrumental in helping me develop my own abilities in a caring, sensitive, and practical manner. I felt so focused and relaxed in the class, which made doing this kind of work far easier. The lessons and downloads were clear and concise. I liked that the size of the class wasn’t overly large. I felt my abilities grew in leaps and bounds from this course. I feel I now have the proper tools to communicate with the other side in a very safe and affirming way. The best part of this was the confidence I gained to trust in the information I receive during readings, and not second guess my own intuition.

Heather offers lots of guidance on how to prepare yourself, get in the right space, and how to get out of your own way. She offers lots of different tips and approaches to try to see what works best for you.

I doubted myself so much with whether I could make connections and be able to validate those connections. Heather provided opportunities to practice readings during the course, which enabled me to see I could make a connection and get accurate validation!

This Learn at your own Pace Course was made for you!

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you can learn all the ins and outs of making safe, loving, powerful connections with spirit!


Mediumship Made Easy

Learn at your Own Pace FREE First Module
with Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand